Aluminium profiles surface treatment

In many applications, it is desirable, or even necessary, that the surface of your aluminium profiles is treated. One of the most common treatments is:


You can go to ALUDEX for these anodising wishes:

  • Anodising immediately after extrusion (up to max. L= 14 metres)
  • Anodising after profile processing (so-called piece anodising)
  • Colour anodising

Our anodising processes meet the highest European standards, including Qualanod

Look here for more technical details about anodising.

Powder coating

In addition to the aforementioned anodising, powder coating is another very widely used surface treatment.

What does powder coating do?

  • An increase in corrosion resistance.
  • Creating a beautiful, even and decorative surface.
  • Obtaining a huge choice of colours and textures.

You can contact ALUDEX for these powder coating wishes:

  • Powder coating immediately after extrusion (up to max. L= 14 metres)
  • Powder coating after profile processing
  • Powder coating with textured lacquer
  • Powder coating for bending profiles
  • Both vertical and horizontal powder coating

Look here for more technical details about powder coating.