Aluminium Strangpressprofile

Aluminium profile machining

After an aluminium profile has been extruded and has been optionally provided with a surface treatment, a mechanical treatment still has to take place in almost all cases.

For example, such a process could be:

Sawing Milling Drilling Tapping Rolling
Rolling Lathing Grinding Planing Brushing
Drumming Deburring Welding Punching Engraving

ALUDEX has a large arsenal of machining equipment! With this, we can meet almost all your machining demands.

Due to the enormous diversity of profiles and the associated operations, a 5-axis profile machining centre provides maximum flexibility. It allows us to quickly switch between the different programs that can also be easily adapted. The word “5-axis” here means that a profile can be machined on all 6 sides in one fixture, including the end faces and the so-called wrist movement.

Our 5-axis CNC profile machining centres are made in Germany by Bavius (previously Handtmann) and Elumatec.